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Protecting America's Frontline Workers with the Mobilize America Act

The pandemic has exposed a lot of national security problems with having to export essential items like PPE, pharmaceuticals and critical medical supplies. Over the years, companies have moved manufacturing operations overseas in order to save money but those decisions and the consequences are now being felt across the nation.

The American economy has been very unstable due to its reliance on foreign manufacturing and the ripple effects continue to be felt in many areas. The lack of domestic capabilities can be felt from the supply chain, to business operations that rely on parts from other countries and on front line heroes like health care workers that are relying on essential items like N95s and elastomeric respirators to keep them safe.

The Mobilize America Act is looking to improve national security and remove the US from having to rely on other nations for assistance. By increasing domestic manufacturing, not only will the US be able to help their own industries and citizens but they will be also be able to help out allies that need additional resources for their own national emergencies.

It’s not just large manufacturers that will benefit from this act but also small and medium size manufacturers as well. Manufacturers like United Safety Technology  (UST) are stepping up to help Americans across the country get essential things like PPE to prevent the spread of the virus and keep health care and front line workers safe. With the Mobilize America Act, companies like UST can increase manufacturing capabilities to help get more PPE into the hands of our front line heroes much more quickly which will save a lot of lives and minimize the impact of the virus on many industries.

America has the highest standards in the world so when you see a product that says “Made in the US” you know it has passed the toughest tests and meets or exceeds all industry standards. We saw that by relying on PPE from other countries like China, a lot of the same products did not pass basic safety tests and the money to buy and ship them to the US was wasted along with valuable time.

Due to not having enough essential products that are made in America, adversaries like China and Russia could take advantage of the situation and try and weaken and destabilize the country. The US can become a manufacturing super power again by increase domestic manufacturing and this will not only only help bring back millions of lost jobs but also bring back industries that were lost to countries like China and Mexico.

It will have a significant impact on more than just manufacturers because by bringing back manufacturing into the US, you also help stabilize the supply chain and provide additional jobs across the country and provide insurance and stability during a national crisis.

Since a lot of industries have had to rely on international supply chains and products that have become hard to find, many businesses could not continue to operate and many jobs were lost simply because resources were hard to come by. By bringing back manufacturing, you are protecting American jobs, the American economy and your are improving response times so you can guarantee a better outcome to any crisis.

The more domestic manufacturers there are, the easier it would be to ensure domestic supply in an emergency including natural disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes and hurricanes. If there is ever another pandemic, the US can turn to companies like UST to quickly protect Americans so that the virus can be quickly stopped right away so the virus does not get out of control. This would prevent the need to shutdown the economy as an alternative way to slow the spread.

With less uncertainty, the stock market would become less volatile and this would help keep the American economy stable while other economies crumble due to the lack of resources available in their country and the crisis getting out of control.

The small investment to help American companies improve their manufacturing capabilities will more than just pay for itself. During the next crisis, you will see the US respond faster and more efficiently then ever so we will not have to experience another crisis like the Covid pandemic,  America will again become the role model of other countries as well as a big exporter of essential items. Instead of relying on other countries, other countries would be relying on the US so America would have better control on global outcomes.