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Made in America, for Americans on the Front Line.

We Are In This Together

Our founders bring 60 years of manufacturing, business, and sourcing experience to help solve the U.S.domestic N95 disposable respirator shortage. Our supply chain is American-sourced, as reliable and resilient as our country, and the heroes who work the frontlines. Our N95 disposable respirators are built without any supply chain reliance on foreign governments or companies.

Quality Assurance

UST built a Quality Assurance, and Manufacturing team , with deep experience to ensure our respirators meet the highest quality standards.

We assembled a top-caliber American labor force to achieve our mission of serving the American frontline worker.  Recent news stories have highlighted how the global PPE supply chain has been undermined by unsavory characters and political self-dealing, resulting in counterfeit or otherwise low-quality products that fail to meet rigorous standards. In other instances, N95 disposable respirators have been seized or confiscated by foreign governments (even when purchased and paid for). An overseas supply chain that is unsafe and unreliable seriously jeopardizes security and safety here at home.

  • American Made

    We are ushering in a new moment to bring Americans together to confront the challenges posed by the virus and to ensure the safety of our front-line workers and loved ones. UST has solved these problems.  We are made in America by American workers adhering to rigorous US standards and quality controls.  The result is a product you can trust.

    Rest assured that we will DELIVER.

  • Safety

    Inadequate and low quality materials and products made overseas have compounded the problem.  Supply chains are compromised and quality controls are thrown by the wayside creating a lack of trust and a product that will do little to protect you.

  • Frontline Workers Fund

    United Safety Tech donates 5% of all PPE sales towards supporting the families of front line workers. 

N95 Disposable Respirator

  • NIOSH (Pending)



    Braided headbands and an adjustable nose clip for comfort and fit.


    95% filtration efficiency tested against solids and non-oil-based liquid aerosols

  • USA

    Made in America.